starchy sketches

Quick scribbles and thoughts from the life of pasta.

still obsessed with white on colored paper *O*

more work drawings
(i should probably just bring my sketchbook in to meetings…heh)

Graduated from college! Some instagram doodles from my bio classes. :P

Some new and old sketches. I finally watched The Black Swan a couple days ago!

Going to try and revive my Tumblr… I usually post sketches on my instagram, which - fair warning - usually has more pictures of food than necessary, heh.

Hey, I haven’t been on here in forever!

Finally watched The Secret of Kells. It’s so beautiful! The character design, the animation, the composition…so good *v*


My friend Yiyi drew me fanart already in celebration of the launch today!!!!

Little Ava, it’s so beautiful!!! TT_TT

My friend Michelle’s comic is launching today!! It is amazing, go check it out! So exciting!!!

Just got back into playing Draw Something!

Anyone want to play with me? No guarantees how consistent I’ll be (and how good I am, lol), seeing as it’s the end of the semester. But my username is linguinee!

Caught a cold + not feeling motivated to do anything. I’d forgotten how stress relieving sketching is. Maybe tonight will be a sketch/watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/feel feverish night. :)

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