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1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 cup all-purpose flour, 2 tablespoons water

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Finally watched The Secret of Kells. It’s so beautiful! The character design, the animation, the composition…so good *v*

My friend Yiyi drew me fanart already in celebration of the launch today!!!!
Little Ava, it’s so beautiful!!! TT_TT

My friend Michelle’s comic is launching today!! It is amazing, go check it out! So exciting!!!
wow it is really hot Q _ Q
I’m currently eating an apple because it was in the fridge and thus cold but I’m not hungry at all, but I already bit into it and you can’t really save an apple for later boohoo
and I ended up sleeping all day because I was super tired, but this means my sleep schedule is messed up again ;_;
ANYWAYSThis is a drawing I did a while ago.  I need more motivation to work on my animation, hopefully I’ll actually have it done this week?  Q _ Q
(maybe I’ll wrap it really well with plastic wrap??)
I’m raising money to become a Hopeline volunteer for IMAlive. IMAlive is an online crisis network where people can chat if they’re in crisis. Being a volunteer requires training and certification in crisis intervention, which is awesome because IMAlive is the first online network with 100% of volunteers trained. The goal is to provide crisis resources 24/7 (currently, chat is available eight hours a week).
Would you consider supporting me? Training and certification costs $250. Anything would be much appreciated. I’ll send you many hugs and warm feelings. Also…
If you donate $5, I’ll send you the panel of your choice from this comic, which I did on 5.5” x 4.25” postcards in ink.  There’s only five of them, though, so it’s limited.
If you donate $10, I’ll make a comic sketch for you, like these here. I’ll draw you (or whoever you want) in whatever pose you want.
If you donate $15, I’ll send you a portrait in pen similar to the ones above (top right corner, second row first column, and second row second column).
If you donate $20, I’ll send you a portrait in pencil similar to the ones above (everything else).
The portraits are done on a 5.5” x 4.25” postcard. If you send me a picture of someone (or something), I will draw it for you.  If not, I’ll draw a random person. I can mail it to you as a postcard and write a nice thank you on it, or I can mail it to you as a blank postcard to send to someone else, or I can mail it to you as just a drawing (nothing on the back).
If you donate $30, I’ll make a simple animated gif for you, like these here.  Just tell me what you want animated.
Something I did a long while back.  I want to get back into more traditional and pencil work.
30 Day Drawing ChallengeDay Eleven:  Turning Point in Your Life
I was going to be witty and say that gastrulation was the turning point in my life, which is true, but it’s true for everyone, ha ha.  So the major turning point in my conscious life would really have to be my internship at Pixar last summer.
Pixar makes extraordinary movies, sure, but the people there are just really fantastic.  I was blessed to learn about 3D and the production pipeline at a major animation studio, but I was even more blessed to get to know some awesome people.  Like Michelle!  Go say hi, she’s amazing.  ♥  I don’t know where I’d be without her.
I guess, everyone was just so helpful and kind, and passionate about art and life.  It was a needed break from the drama and competition of college, and that was when I decided that was the type of person I want to be, and the type of people I want to be surrounded by.
Before last summer, I was pretty dead-set on becoming a doctor (a pediatric oncologist, since I was like, 10!).  And now I’m working toward art as a career, hopefully in the animation industry.  It’s super nerve-wracking, but exciting as well.  It actually took me some time after the internship to come to terms with wanting to pursue art, just because with something like medicine, you directly feel like you’re helping someone and impacting their life.  But then I realized, art does that too, yeah?  Art is what makes life worth living.
With that huge wall of text over with, check out other people who are participating!asunchild, perihare
P.S.  This is a re-working of the first sketch I did during my internship, I think I did it during lunch, ha ha.