starchy sketches

Quick scribbles and thoughts from the life of pasta.

Some new and old sketches. I finally watched The Black Swan a couple days ago!

Going to try and revive my Tumblr… I usually post sketches on my instagram, which - fair warning - usually has more pictures of food than necessary, heh.

gettin’ on this unagi train a bit late

I finally watched Memoirs of a Geisha last week, and it is so beautiful. Q _ Q The cinematography, the costume design, ahhh. I love how their kimonos reveal the nape of the neck, it’s so graceful.

there are bugs everywhere ;_;

yesterday a spider was on my leg, crawling up it like nobody’s business
so I smashed it Q _ Q

oh no
why am I still up ;_;

sleep schedule messed up once again Q _ Q

Sharpie pens.  They are utterly fantastic.

Got my computer fixed!!!  Life can continue.  Lol.

Currently eating salad for breakfast using chopsticks.  Because I am cool like that.

(no not really I just don’t have a fork ;_;)
(or breakfast food)

Really quick, really early morning sketches.