starchy sketches

1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 cup all-purpose flour, 2 tablespoons water

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30 Day Drawing ChallengeDay Twenty-Eight:  Anything You’d Like
Tired.  ;_;  I’ve been falling asleep in places I shouldn’t be, which is really terrible.  I got home today, trudged up to my room, and ended up falling asleep at the top of the stairs.  Like.  On the floor.  Just laid there.  ;_;
I should practice more anatomy.
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30 Day Drawing ChallengeDay Eighteen:  Just a Doodle
I haven’t done any fashion stuff in a while!
From Style Clicker, Red Lines - Seoul, KoreaFrom Style Clicker, Bling - Fashionclash, MaastrichtFrom Style Clicker, Snow White - Laugavegur, Reykjavik
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I follow the scent of your cigarette.
This is (part of) my desk.  I’ve been in a post-it mood lately; plus I haven’t had much time to draw.  Finals!  Yay?  Also, springtime.  :(
From The Sartorialist, On the Street…Mercer St., New York.
I love this blue.
From Style Clicker, Royal Blue - Copenhagen, Bernstorffsgade.
Sketchbook page.  ♥
From Maddison R., Younger Than Yesterday-Real Estate.From Vanessa Jackman, Paris Fashion Week AW 2011…Florence.Others are just doodles.  :3 
From Street Peeper, Jesse Grey, NYC.
From The Sartorialist, On the Street…Calle del Prado, Madrid.
I’m trying to get better at caricaturing people.  The one on the right is a quick sketch of the same man, but I was trying to exaggerate his proportions more.  Sigh.  I’m working on it.  :)
From Street Peeper, Big Scarf, Big Pants, London.
More watercolors.  I just love these classic pieces.  And the bright socks.
From Homotography, Kilian Martin by Karim Sadli.
From far right, clockwise:
From Street Peeper, Declan Chan, Issey Miyake, Paris.From Street Peeper, Pouting Susie Bubble.From Street Peeper, Hanneli in Acne.From Homotography, Kilian Martin by Karim Sadli.From Street Peeper, Gwyneth, Paris. 
Another sketchbook page from last October.  I was obsessing over different collars and re-discovered Anna Sui’s Fall 2006 RTW collection.
I still love peter pan collars, though for the life of me I can’t find any shirts with them in stores.  Perhaps because I never go shopping.  And I still love that collection.
Sketchbook pages from last October.  I was obsessing over 1940’s dresses, keyhole backs, different necklines, etc.
I still love the military style of 1940’s clothes (especially nurses’ capes), probably due to the military trend that’s still going strong.  But now I’ve come to the realization that you can’t wear a bra while sporting something with a keyhole back, so that’s the end of that obsession.
More old sketchbook pages.
Girl with the colored headdress is from a Style Rookie post (tried to find it and failed).  Twins from a photo in Museum-Quality Art Amid Garage-Sale Photos from Newsweek.  Guy with the chin-piece is from Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video.  Some of the other figures are referenced, but I forget from where.