starchy sketches

Quick scribbles and thoughts from the life of pasta.

Sketches.  Eh.  ;_;
(I’m going to sleep at a semi-normal hour!  Hopefully I will actually sleep.  Q _ Q)

Went to the midnight release of HP7, then came home and slept all day.  Like, pretty much literally all day, when I should have been doing 正經事.  (I don’t know how to best express this in English?  Google Translate says “serious matters,” but it’s more like, “the important tasks that you should really be doing,” like work.)

So I’m off to do serious matters now.

Gertrude is a character I developed for a short film idea a year ago; I’m thinking of revisiting her.  I also tried a somewhat/not-really-at-all caricatured portrait.  Also, I just realized I forgot to draw animals.  Hands are animals, right?  Okay, then.

From Style Clicker, Green Day - Tiergarten, Berlin.
From Vanessa Jackman, Alex for

Sketches for the day.  I can’t draw flags.  ;_;

Oh, also!  I watched this and got motivated again.  I cried when he showed the clip of the guy driving!  So moving.  Q _ Q

30 Day Drawing Challenge
Day Twenty-Eight:  Anything You’d Like

Tired.  ;_;  I’ve been falling asleep in places I shouldn’t be, which is really terrible.  I got home today, trudged up to my room, and ended up falling asleep at the top of the stairs.  Like.  On the floor.  Just laid there.  ;_;

I should practice more anatomy.

Check out other people who are participating!

From Street Peeper, Furry Vest & Bag, Tokyo.

I follow the scent of your cigarette.

This is (part of) my desk.  I’ve been in a post-it mood lately; plus I haven’t had much time to draw.  Finals!  Yay?  Also, springtime.  :(

From The Sartorialist, On the Street…Mercer St., New York.

I love this blue.

From Style Clicker, Royal Blue - Copenhagen, Bernstorffsgade.