starchy sketches

Quick scribbles and thoughts from the life of pasta.

Caught a cold + not feeling motivated to do anything. I’d forgotten how stress relieving sketching is. Maybe tonight will be a sketch/watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/feel feverish night. :)

Made using Paper!

I made some fonts!  It’s actually super exciting (and easy) using iFontMaker.  If you want one of these TTF files, just shoot me a message.  Maybe I’ll have time to make some better ones in the future and release them.

30 Day Drawing Challenge
Day Twenty:  Something Orange

So, I drew an orange.  Huge stretch of the imagination there, I know.  But I did it with Zen Brush on my iPad (!!!) which was really exciting.  I also tried to do some calligraphy, which was shameful because my handwriting in Chinese is awful.  I was going to write “orange”…but I’m better at just drawing it.  ;_;

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