starchy sketches

Quick scribbles and thoughts from the life of pasta.

Some new and old sketches. I finally watched The Black Swan a couple days ago!

Going to try and revive my Tumblr… I usually post sketches on my instagram, which - fair warning - usually has more pictures of food than necessary, heh.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! ♥

dudes, i have not drawn in forever

welp off to study genetics

i’m almost there

some scratches

also made another alphabet

gettin’ on this unagi train a bit late

Got into Hufflepuff in Pottermore! And come on - black and yellow?

Here’s a super quick sketch. There must be other Hufflepuffs in Pittsburgh, right? Right? Or do Hufflepuffs not listen to rap? Lol.
P.S. I’m SkyRiver212, be my friend??