starchy sketches

Quick scribbles and thoughts from the life of pasta.

Happy New Year! (◕‿◕✿)

Sorry for being so update-dead. Q __ Q The school semester has started! I’m still working out my schedule, so I haven’t had much time to draw. The most I have drawn is my notes for immunology! That is an infected finger. And above is a stick man with a toe infection (and a liver).

What we learned: if you have a cut/bite/open sore that has been red, painful, and swollen for a couple of days, and you start getting a fever…get yourself to the hospital, son.

I also started another tumblr for all my class notes. Check it out! I periodically brain dump on there.

I did this a while back for a chemistry newsletter thing.

I haven’t had internet for a few days, and now I keep forgetting it exists! I’m back at school and have been moving and unpacking and being sore and sleeping.

I literally yelled for at least three seconds, I was not expecting anyone to come in the lab that early.  It was embarrassing.  ;_;  And then I apologized profusely for shattering his eardrums, ha ha.

Here’s the song.  I’m on a Boyce Avenue kick.

I’m not sure why sterilized plastic smells like the fake chicken I eat.  ;_;  But it sure tastes good.

No more organic chemistry for the rest of my life.

Programming final review session!  The two guys leading it were fun to draw.  Then two random people on the bottom.  Welp, back to studying.  (Isn’t organic chemistry fun?  :D)

I got stuck in a hailstorm without an umbrella.  ;_;

In other news, chem lab party!  Yes, he has a weird ‘fro.  But he also has Visorgogs!  And neoprene gloves.  Friggin’ boss.

Sketches while in chemistry lab!  Usually I sketch during melting point determination since it takes so long, or waiting for salt plates for IR, ha ha.

Ballpoint pen on paper towel.  Paper towels are actually pretty nice to draw on!  :)

I just can’t stop eating it!  It’s too good.  ;_;